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Leveraging years of real-world operating experience, Syven Capital provides technology-driven companies with the growth capital, operational support, and strategic advice they need to realize sustainable, long-term growth.


As the founders of Syven Global Services and tech entrepreneurs ourselves, we are uniquely positioned to add value through our deep expertise and hands-on approach. We are active investors in every sense.


Although we seek companies that have strong strategic positions and solutions with disruptive potential, our real investment is in leadership teams who have the passion, creativity, and boldness to create businesses with enduring value.



We are technology entrepreneurs

We know what it takes to build a company from scratch and manage it through tumultuous market cycles. We understand the metrics that really matter, and we work as hard as the entrepreneurs we partner with.

We are active, hands-on investors who seek a true partnership with our portfolio companies

We go beyond providing capital to work with them on:

Strategy: assessing the competitive landscape and refining the business strategy

Marketing: growing their sales channels and breaking into global markets

Improvements: perfecting their technology solutions and building operational efficiency

Leadership development: actively identifying and developing talent in the organization

Extension and acceleration: Syven partners personally drive key growth initiatives with the team




Syven Capital partners with technology-driven companies motivated by both profit and social change. We seek products or services with the potential to become enduring brands, supported by business models with the potential to generate predictable and superior cash flows.


With a global focus, we seek technology-driven companies across industries and geographies.


Above all, we look for leaders who have the passion, vision, and grit to turn great ideas into a competitive differentiator—people who understand how to motivate others, innovate to meet evolving consumer trends, and execute on their business strategies.

We help companies at various stages of the growth cycle such as:

Seed and early stage companies 

- with revenues up to $1M

- to attract up to $250,000 in seed or angel capital

- to develop their product and build their teams

Start-up/early growth companies

- with revenues between $1M and $3M

- to raise follow-on seed or Series A investments up to $2M

- to finance rapid revenue growth and accelerate product development

Growth companies

- with revenues above $3M

- to raise growth capital

- to expand their market share and scale up their operations




Thanks to our global focus, Syven partners with companies across the world and in a wide range of industries, with a particular focus on technology-driven companies. Some of our current portfolio companies include:

An Australia-based SalesForce platinum partner delivering cloud strategy, implementation and managed services for corporations, government and non-profits

A US-based company that has developed an award winning educational technology platform to deliver personalized learning experiences to students around the world

A US-based company that offers a scientifically validated methodology to predict how applicants/employees will fit to jobs and fit to company culture, thereby increasing satisfaction, commitment, and loyalty at workplace

A US-based top-ranked B2B marketing agency that provides a full suite of services to help its clients drive revenue and profitability, and improve employee engagement

A US-based company that has developed a mobile platform to encourage, manage, and leverage employee volunteering in corporations as well as non-profits

A US-based bio-technology and behavioral science company that designs and manufactures world-class in-vitro diagnostic medical devices

A US-based clinical stage biotechnology company that develops novel immune-therapies and disruptive life science technologies to address unmet patient needs




We work only with accredited investors looking for unique opportunities to help promising companies achieve their full growth potential. We seek to hold our investments for the long term while realizing measurable returns fueled by the predictable and superior cash flows of our portfolio companies.


We are uniquely positioned to achieve these results given our extensive experience conducting in-depth investment analysis. For decades, we have honed our expertise in company and industry research deep-dives, SWOT and competitive landscape analyses, due diligence, company valuations, financial statement forecasting, and identifying the potential risks of financing transactions. As a result, we know what it takes for a company to realize sustainable, long-term growth.


Last, but by no means least, our commitment to transparency ensures our investors remain fully apprised of our portfolio companies’ performance and can enjoy the complete disclosure they require to make informed investment decisions.

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